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Injection molding

We provide the best cost effective and high quality injection moldings.
Injection molding is an excellent way to bring out the best in plastics. It is universally used to make complex, finished parts, often in a single step, economically, precisely and with little waste.

If you need injection molded plastic parts, custom injection molded parts, assembled plastic injection molded parts or custom injection molded tooling you’ve come to the right place.

ALKAZ Plastics company provides engineering services, in house mold making, all secondary operations, turnkey contract manufacturing, 80 ton to 1200 ton molding machines and product assembly.

From the highly complex to the straightforward components can be molded in a variety of thermoplastic materials, including Nylon, Noryl, LCP, Polyester, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, ABS, Acetal, TPES, PES and PTFE, and where practical the use of reprocessed materials.
We are also able to color these materials if required by liquid, powder or master batch methods. Light assembly work including: ultra-sonic welding, pad printing and hot foil stamping can also be quoted for in addition to the basic molding production.
Plastic molding material selection.

Production of plastic parts

Our products meet the highest visual and technical requirements. To accomplish orders we use both – entrusted tools and manufactured by ALKAZ Plastics based on the guidelines provided by the customer. We make plastic products for virtually every purpose and almost any degree of complexity. Our factory is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in three shifts. An essential part of any process done in ALKAZ Plastics is quality control according to ISO 9001: 2015. Our factory is adapted to both the production of small batches of parts, as well as for the mass production of plastic components.

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Product development support

We offer to our customers complete solutions from design, through construction of injection molds up to the series production of plastic parts. We are guided by the concept focused on the highest quality of the production process and the final product. We are constantly working on the optimization of processes which let us guarantee high quality, timely implementation and affordable price.

Team build  of experienced consultants and engineers carry out our clients through each step of the production process – from idea to the finished product made of plastic. We provide technical  and professional support at every stage of project:

  • discussion about market needs and your expectations,
  • specification of possible and optimal solutions based on Client needs
  • product proposal done by our highly experienced design office
  • prototype creation  and optimization adjusted to Client requirements,
  • mold design, testing and optimization of manufacturing tools
  • mold construction
  • manufacture of plastics
  • selection of the packaging and delivery method.

We guarantee not only high quality parts and tools, but also competitive prices through continuous optimization of production processes and investments in modern machinery.


Engineering department

Our team is built of engineers with years of experience in plastics industry, working together in Poland and China to bring you professional product such as mold and plastic parts. The rapid development of technology opens up more and more new business areas, which often imply the use of plastics. Their various properties make it just a matter of knowledge and creativity to meet the expected functions and roles. We are fully prepared to carry out any project production, even the most unusual. We are able to achieve this by modern machinery and highly motivated staff which is regularly trained.


We will precisely produce every detail of plastic for you. Additionally, we offer simple installation involving, among others, on a combination of plastic parts with electrical components, electronic, Styrofoam inserts and other parts.


We provide packaging of our products according to individual customer guidelines:
– In retail and bulk packaging
– Sticking labels, decals, codes, holograms
– Inserts flyers, brochures, inserts
– Other works in line with customer expectations