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More than tools

Our service goes beyond classical tool-range of services. It is essential for customers who expect a more comprehensive service provider in their project. The production process starts already at the stage when  idea came up. This is the moment in which the work of our engineers begins. Their experience and knowledge is relevant to decide on the proper and timely completion of the project through all its stages, until the final phase, in which we get the final product made of plastic.


In ALKAZ Plastics you will receive technical support at every stage of cooperation:

  • discuss the needs of the market and your expectations
  • specify the possible solutions of the product and we will estimate a budget
  • prepare a draft
  • create a prototype
  • design the tool
  • create an injection mold
  • begin production of products in the way that highest degree of satisfaction will be provided to our  customers in terms of quality  as well as cost.

We design and manufacture molds with the highest quality requirements and complex structure: mold with cold runner, hot runner, multi-point injection, multi-cavity, and others.

Extremely rich experience of our tool dramatically reduces lead times for the production of injection molds, thus reducing the time of starting the production of finished parts. It is important also possible to obtain lower cost mold compared with other domestic suppliers.